Unofficial Harry Potter Custom Canvas Shoes 

The less expensive shoes are designed on SoulCal, we do however make these onto Converse. Please see the options available

Now for the detail...
The toes are painted with black glitter paint. This is black paint with a hit of glitter for that finishing touch.
The golden snitch is hand drawn and hand painted. The ball itself obviously gold, the wings are finished off with sliver crystals.
The three candles are painted with with a crystal at the top and gold painted light.

The sorting hat is painted brown with bronze crystals for the creases and black crystals for the eyes and mouth.

The Harry potter glasses are again hand drawn with black crystals.
The scar is painted on with gold paint.

The footsteps are also designed with silver crystals

The flying key also hand drawn and painted with gold and blue, the wings have blue and silver crystals and finished off with blue paint.

The HP symbol is completely covered with gold crystals again hand drawn.

The Elder wand is partly painted and partly crystallized
The letter is painted in white with crystals around the edging and the red seal also with red crystals
The 9 3/4 is hand drawn, hand painted and finished off with black crystals
The deathly hallow symbol is hand painted in gold

To finish off we have replaced the laces with black satin.

Original laces will also be sent
When placing your order please send us a message with any other details you require with your shoe size

Not all shoes will look exactly the same due to the bespoke nature of these shoes.

Harry Potter Custom Canvas Shoes


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