Bespoke Wedding  Pumps

Don't let sore feet ruin your day. Walk down the aisle and dance the night away in style and have cushioned feet at the same time.

Weddings can be expensive

Weddings can be expensive

We have decided to offer different ranges of footwear to cater for any budget

We offer a high street branded shoe with prices starting from £25.95 this will include crystals on the toes, satin laces and any writing you would like included on the shoes, The more detail you require, the price will then reflect what you would like.

The next option up is our Converse range, prices start from £75, again this will be subject to your design and preference. Please be assured all of our Converse shoes are authentic and brought from an authorised distributor

All of our shoes are dedicated to your personal preference, be it a standard design or something out of the ordinary. We go that extra mile to make every little detail on your shoe count. What ever theme you have in mind we'll make a shoe design for it. 

If you prefer another make of shoe, the likes of Vans, Nike, Adidas or any other then please get in touch

Wedding Piggybank

We can offer a small payment plan stretched to three payments in total. Knowing how expensive weddings can be, 

As soon as the first payment has been accepted the shoes will then begin. As soon as we have received full payment the shoes will be sent. It's easy as that!

Please contact us for any design you have in mind. Nothing is impossible for your big day!

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